KNH (Kindernothilfe) Project


1. Project Title: Engaging Human Rights Organizations in advocating for girls' rights socio protection through fighting against early and unwanted pregnancies project in Rwanda.

2. General Objective: Contributing to reduction of child sexual violation through fighting early/unwanted pregnancies and realization of access to social justice services in schools and at community level.

2.1. Specific objectives

1. To strengthen technical expertise of probono lawyers from CLADHO targeted members organizations for socio protection, legal aid and child rights violation monitoring related to early/unwanted pregnancies;
2. To increase knowledge of teenagers/adolescents aged between (12-18 years old), parents and teachers about sexual and reproductive health, child rights against, Sexual and Gender Based Violence (S-GBV) and early/ unwanted pregnancies;
3) To increase access to justice and social integration for victims of teenage pregnancy, S-GB and child rights violation in schools and at community level;
4) To advocate for the prevention of adolescents’ early pregnancy and S-GBV cases’ consequences through open public dialogue using media organization and communication strategies and through legal aid to victims;
5) To strengthen capacities of the human rights organizations umbrella and implementing members organizations in contributing to reduction of teenage pregnancies, sexual violation, and addressing problems associated with early/unwanted pregnancies.


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