From its ambitious plans of boosting economy, development and improving life and conditions of Rwandans which are entrenched in various country strategic planning’s such as the Vision 2020, the EDPRS1&2, Rwanda demonstrated a vigorous will to bring above said plans to life through adopted decentralization policies and various machineries established by the Rwandan government to monitor citizen role in pro citizens policy and plans formulations and the service delivery to citizens.

Among others, budget policies and plans remain key in country development and advancement of citizens life condition, due to the role that citizens plays in setting their priorities and adoption of suitable policies and plans which are in favor to their needs. Despite efforts already deployed by the Rwandan government through its various institutions; the citizen participation and engagement in setting various government policy and plans  and the service delivery remain critical  at central government level but most especially at local decentralized level . This low level of participation and engagement and lack of ownership of government achievements by citizens was testified by Citizen Report Card of the Rwanda government Board (RGB).
What the citizen report card highlighted on the low level of citizen participation and engagement in the formulation of country policies and plans came to supplement findings of various reports and analysis done by CLADHO especially on budgeting policies and plans. Through various researches, publications, community engagement meetings and reports ; the Umbrella of Human rights organization in Rwanda (CLADHO) referring  on the article 27 of the universal declaration of Human Rights  that specifies on the rights to participate in culture life and activities that benefits communities ,  revealed that community participation and engagement in budgeting planning was at 7% in 2013. This result was much contested by various government institutions such as local government entities. After a couple of years, the citizen report card of RGB ranked the citizen participation and engagement in government policy formulations is estimated at 12% Citizen Report Card 2015 . This brought CLADHO to think again on amplifying the voice of calling upon many stakeholders including the government of Rwanda; central government level, the local decentralization entities, the civil society both at central and community level, the private sector and the development partner’s community, to discuss on how citizens and communities remains at center of all country plans and policies and how these can determine priorities that need to be implemented at their community level.

Referring again on the article 22 of the universal declaration of Human rights which specifies the right of every member of the society to social security entitled to realization through national efforts and international cooperation and in accordance with the organization and resources of each state of the economic, social and cultural rights for people dignity and development.

Umbrella of Human rights organization in Rwanda (CLADHO) in partnership and funding support from the Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) is implementing the project to enhance citizens participation, engagement and ownership of government policies and plans including the participatory planning and budgeting in general.