CLADHO is an umbrella of Human Rights Organizations in Rwanda, created in 1993. Its mandate entails promoting, defending and protecting peace and Human rights in Rwanda. CLADHO is affiliated to F.I.D.H (federation international de droits de l’homme) and U.I.D.H (union interafricain de droits de l’homme) and is a permanent member and observer of the Pan-African commission of human rights and peoples of the African Union.


  1. Strengthening CSO capacity In promoting Sustainable Agriculture Policies and citizens participatory Budgeting in Rwanda 


The Project of Strengthening CSO capacity in promoting Sustainable Agriculture Policies and citizens participatory Budgeting in Rwanda, strongly anchored locally, responds to several key priorities of the Rwandan EDPRS II and of the good results and lessons learnt of the 2011-2014 Public Financing for Agriculture (PFA) implemented by Action Aid International Rwanda (AAIR), the Umbrella of Human Rights Organization in Rwanda (CLADHO) and CCOAIB. It indeed addresses several challenges faced by CSO which now have an improved access to accountability fora in the country but which struggle to make the most of them and position themselves as actors in development entitled to propose critical analysis of the performance of the agriculture sector.


This project will strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations at all levels (internal governance, structuring, and resource mobilization, and technical budgetary knowledge, communication skills) to actively engage in agriculture policy dialogue, budget shaping and monitoring. Indeed, this project intends to better link the national agriculture budget to the population's priorities, needs and human rights through informed analyses and contributions to budget proposals, monitoring and tracking public revenues and expenditures, and supporting citizens' budget literacy. CSO active engagement will ensure a more needs-responsive and inclusive policy-making, fostering a stronger governance and improving public authorities’ accountability .In order for the CSO active in the agriculture sector to be able to fulfill their roles, the project will contribute to further building an inclusive and empowered civil society in the field of agriculture through the strengthening of existing organizations and networks and the creation of new networks and coalition building. It will open up spaces for agricultural policy engagement, re-positioning of farmer organizations and networks inclusive of women farmers group to drive agricultural dialogues.

Following on what is mentioned here in this project, CLADHO, the Umbrella of Human Rights Organization  in Rwanda ,coo applicant with Action Aid and CCOAIB on this project, want to carry forward this  Agenda  and analyses how the Fiscal Year 2016/17 addresses the Gender Budget statement.