·   Legal Representative & Executive Secretary of CLADHO.


·         Our Mission: The mission of CLADHO is to promote, protect and defend human rights in Rwanda.

·Our Vision: Our vision is to have a state that respects fully Human Rights.

·         Our Objectives: The Umbrella has the following objectives :
1) Supporting, advocate and advise member associations ;
2) Strengthening cooperation among associations and leagues for defense of human rights ;
3) Promoting and arising national consciousness for the respect of rights and freedom
of human being, as defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights ;
4) Liaising with organizations and organisms pursuing similar objectives.
5) Undertaking researches in the field of Human Rights ;
6) Complete the mission assigned by member organisations.
This website will therefore provide us a significant opportunity to serve you better.

·         Our value
Justice and respect for human rights
Stability and social order
Team work and partnership
Community relation focus
Professional conduct, efficiency and effectiveness